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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  October 17, 2016 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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and watch the debate on your local fox station anchored by our friend and colleague shepard smith. and that is it today from las vegas. have a great weekend. we'll see you more news is on the way right here on fox news channel. hello and welcome to this special sunday edition of justice. thanks for being with us tonight. we are live in las vegas site of the third and final presidential debate, the first general election debate ever to be moderated by a fox news anchor. chris wallace will be that moderator when the debate gets underway in just three nights. it will be a huge night for donald trump who is trailing hillary clinton in most recent polls. we'll be talking about it in an hour. but we begin with breaking news.
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military operations underway at this moment in northern iraq to liberate the city of mosul from isis. this has been widely anticipated for some time but iraqi state tv says the offensive has now officially begun. mosul is iraq's second largest city with a population of about a million civilians. it fell to isis more than two years ago. fox news will have more on the breaking story in the hour. for now we go back to election 2016 as donald trump looks to turn things around right here in las vegas. so how can he turn it around? let's begin tonight with trump national campaign spokesperson katrina pearson. good evening. thanks for being with us this evening. >> thank you. >> with what has been going on for the last week or two, how do you convince or how does donald
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trump convince americans that this election is not a referendum on the issue of sexual harassment, sexual assault but what americans need in terms of the economy, in terms of security and other issues? >> i think what we have seen in the last debate mr. trump essentially prosecuting the case against hillary clinton and her record which is in complete opposite of what she is campaigning on. that was just the beginning which is why you see the diversion and the collusion with the media to distract from differences. you will see more of that this week at the debate. this debate will be about foreign policy, the exact place where hillary clinton needs to be exposed because we know that everything that she touched pretty much fell apart whether talking about iran, the red line in syria which led to aleppo, we are talking about russian reset. these are things that will be extremely important moving
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forward. >> we know that, katrina, but even as recently as last night donald trump is tweeting about this whole issue of the women. so if you want the americans or if the trump campaign wants americans to focus on what is important and what donald has a case to make, why is he talking about the women? >> well, he is officially defending himself, not on this network but on others every time either a trump surrogate or anyone is addressing the issues and poipting out false allegations including evidence to support that they get cut off, shut down and mics have been cut off. mr. trump has one avenue to get that outlet out there and that is the twitter account. he is also talking about the wiki leaks revelations. that is tragic. we know our freedom is an illusion which has been confirmed because now we know the fbi, the state department, the attorney general's office,
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the office of the president of the united states was all in on helping hillary clinton cover up and obstruct justice when it came to mishandling classified information with her secret e-mail server. >> given that the numbers are not great right now nbc poll 11 points down, abc i believe it is four, fox a few days ago seven. are the women who seem to have gone from donald trump, are they gettable? and what does donald need to do to get them back? >> absolutely. mr. trump has closed larger gaps than this in less than a week. we have plenty of time to do that particularly now that we know a lot of women are looking at these allegations and realizing that a lot of them are completely false and identifying with women who have not been vetted. the stories aren't matching up. a lot of women expressed concerns to me and how frustrated they are that these allegations are out there.
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we have never seen anything like this before at this level. the targeting of individuals to not just win an election but destroy his person and business. that is extremely dangerous in >> you know what? katrina, here is the issue. politics is a blood sport. we all know it. and in my small way i ran five times. i get it. you have to be able to pivot. you have to be able to survive it. and you have to be able to focus on the issues and you got a lot in hillary clinton. is donald trump going to focus on hillary, focus on all the mistakes she has made? can he do it in this debate on wednesday night? >> absolutely. you saw him do it in the last debate. he brought up a ton of issues that concerned you and many viewers. he is going to do it again this week. he is also going to defend himself which he has been doing. at the debate it will be 100% focussed on the issues because we owe it to the american people
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to show what has been happening in our government and to show the stakes are so high that we have to reject this type of blood sport politics. >> katrina pearson, we'll see you. >> as a dell luge of damaging e-mails continue to be hit hillary took the weekend off to prep for the final debate. will she be worthy to answer for them on wednesday night? let's ask mary an marsh. not a good week for -- the wind is blowing. we are standing or sitting tall here. not a great week for donald. not a great week for hillary. the wiki leaks doesn't seem to be getting the attention of the women who made the claims against donald trump. i want to first start with one
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of these wiki leaks e-mails that i just had a moment ago that maybe we can put up the full screen. it is about 2015 in response to hillary clinton and the e-mail concerns. there is an e-mail from her staff saying that, quote, her inability to do a national interview and communicate a genuine feeling of remorse and regret is now, i fear, becoming a character problem even more so than honesty. now, we all recognize this. and the question that i have, mary ann, is that do you believe that hillary has been able to overcome the inability to connect with people that even our own staff has recognized? >> again, this was a 2015 e-mail allegedly. we don't know how -- we haven't verified these documents. but i do think that voters already have taken this into
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consideration. i like what was revealed about a video she could have done. i would have encouraged that. here we are with 23 days to go. we know pretty much everything there is to know about hillary clinton and donald trump. i do expect it will be even more negative. i wouldn't be surprised if there are more revelations. i think it will be negative all the way to the end. that is donald trump to go to your segment a moment ago. that is his only choice to try to get women to see this campaign as so negative that they don't vote. you and i talked about that last spring. that is his only task. he is going to go to try to say i can't vote for either one of them. that is his only chance. i think in that respect i really dread the next 23 days. >> i'm not understanding you. what do you mean? he is going to go? >> i think it's his only chance.
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he has gotten most of the republicans back in the latest polls. they started to come back. they lost some after the tape that came out a week ago. they lost the republicans and women. republicans are coming back in large part. women, i have a hard time imagining he will win their support back. the only way his path to win or try to close the gap in some of these states is to make it so negative that women don't vote which historically in negative campaigns they don't. do they stay home or stand up and vote? if they vote i think that is a big problem for donald trump. >> what doesn't make sense is you want to talk about scorched shirts, nine women coming out in two weeks, come on. you want to talk about scorched shirts, that to me is these nine women coming out. seems to me that instead of his defending himself he should be talking about the 30 years that she has been in office. i'm not going to fight his
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fight. the bottom line it seems to me is that she hasn't been able to overcome the fact that she has not connected with people. what do you think she is going to do at this debate? let's talk about that on wednesday night. >> i think what most voters hope is what i hope is that they both talk about what they want to do as president and lay their plans out there. say what you will about hillary clinton. obviously, i support her, but she has detailed plans for pretty much every question thrown her way about how to address things. when donald trump has done well which was like 20 minutes or so when he talked about jobs and trade. at this point what people really want to hear if you are going to be the next president of the united states what will you do to help me to help my life to make this country better f. they can stick to that i think everyone would be thrilled. it would be a great debate. >> thanks so much for being with us. former gop presidential
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candidate herman cain is here with me in las vegas. coming up next, all these different polls how can you tell what the mood is of the voters. i have the one guy who knows standing by for a live talk on the state of the race. >> then -- >> i can't go on the steps. this is probably the best place i have been thrown out of. >> see what happens on the steps of one of the holiest places in the world. want longer lasting heartburn relief? try...duo fusion duo fusion goes to work in seconds and lasts up to 12 hours. tums only lasts up to 3. for longer lasting one chewable tablet try duo fusion from the makers of zantac
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my next guest knows a thing or two about running for president and dealing with controversy. former presidential candidate and radio show host herman cain jones r joins me now. >> herman, you ran for president. >> yes. >> and these allegations of sexual harassment are not totally foreign to you. you got hit with them, too. >> i did. >> give me what happened to you.
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>> the upshot is the media piled on and didn't bother of checking into the women. one was found guilty for lying. she got paid and i know for a fact that one of them got paid. when the media decides they want to bring you down they don't care about the background of the people accusing you. >> when you say she got paid, she got paid to say this about you? >> yes. >> wow. i never heard that in the news. >> we hired our own private detectives to look into the situations. two of the three got paid, period. >> let's talk about donald trump right now. can you understand how he is constantly defending himself? the more women who come out. i had a guy on my show last night who came in from the uk. it said i was on that flight that first class and this woman
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was all over him and there was a separation and it didn't go up. i remember him. and nobody seems to care about that. >> this is what i'm saying that happened to me. the media are not looking at the background of the circumstances or asking the hard questions about the people making the accusations. >> at this late stage, 23 days. what do you tell donald trump with 23 days. does he talk about it? let it go? is this starting to be a referendum on sexual harassment? >> i would tell him for the next 23 days to do what i told him before he declared presidency. i said be prepared for multiple lawsuits. launch multiple lawsuits and they will back off. that's the only way to get it. he has no choice except to try and say that he disavows many of
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these accusations. he has no choice. if you don't the media will interpret that as guilt. if you do then they complain that he is not defending himself. >> he has to do that clearly. but then he can't say things like look at her, are you kidding? >> that's donald trump. judge, some people and one of your previous guests have said, taking the less of two evils. the third evil is to not vote. i wouldote for someone that says awful things than someone who has done awful things where people have died. that's the choice. >> and you are talking about benghazi and hillary clinton. >> and people died and she lied. >> always good to be with you. >> my pleasure. thank you. and developing tonight, brand new polls out today show the state of that presidential
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race is heading into the final debate. an abc news washington post poll has hillary clinton ahead of donald trump by only four points. wall street journal poll has her ahead by 11. here to break it down frank joins me now. we have nbc 11, abc 4, fox 7 and i'm sure everybody else in the middle somewhere. what is it? >> i traditionally take off the lowest poll and the highest poll and then i average the other two. it is somewhere around six or seven points in advantage for hillary clinton which is pretty significant at this point. she is clearly gained because of comments that trump made. and yet she has been unable to close the deal. and that's what i find fascinating. her negatives are somewhere in the low 50s which is the highest of any democratic nominee in
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modern times. trump's negatives are low 60s which is the highest of any republican. >> let me ask you -- >> what matters is florida, pennsylvania and ohio. i don't care about the national numbers. they don't determine the next president. you tell me the candidates that wins two out of those three states and i will tell you the candidate who is the next president of the united states. >> florida, pennsylvania, ohio. where are they in those three states? what are the numbers there? >> ohio absolutely dead even. latest poll has trump with a one-point lead. in florida hillary clinton in most polls is about three points up which also is within the margin of error. pennsylvania the margin is wider 5% or 6%. pennsylvania is a state that donald trump claims if he doesn't win then the election is rigged. pennsylvania has always been a tough state for republicans. the last time they won was 1988. trump can win pennsylvania he
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can win the country. >> but when you say florida, ohio, pennsylvania, it can be just pennsylvania. it can be florida and ohio? >> can it be just two? or all three? >> it is tough to make it. for trump to win iowa. he remains up in that state. there are a couple others. the challenge for trump, one other state is north carolina. that state goes back and forth between republicans and democrats. hillary clinton as a four point lead there. all that i'm saying is that the door has not closed on a trump candidacy. it depends opwhat he does in the presidential debate and he will have to be better than the first and second debates. >> so what does he have to do on wednesday night to change this? >> let's count it off. he has to tell voters exactly what he is going to do as the presidency starts which means the first 24 hours.
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he should call for a forensic audit of the federal budget. i recommend that be the very first thing. number three he has to give an agenda for the first 100 days which includes replacing obama care and a change in the federal regulations. number four is that he has to emphasize that hillary clinton has been there for three decades. not 30 years. three decades because it makes it that much stronger. number five, he has to give people an idea of who secretary of state will be, secretary of treasury will be and his defense secretary. i have to put one more in there. stop with the women. stop talking about it. you are not winning anybody over. you are not convincing anyone. every time you talk about it you are on defense and losing. >> very quickly, are you worried about voter fatigue and people staying home? >> i'm not just worried about it. i think it will be significant. i am very concerned about the poison, about the toxicity in
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this election where they are fed up with politics as usual and want a change. they have to remember that if they don't vote and don't participate then they have to accept the consequences later on. >> all right. thanks so much. and street justice from st. patrick's cathedral is still ahead. democratic str with me in las vegas and donald trump senior adviser is standing by in new york. and they are ready to do battle on election 2016. the panel is up next as justice rolls on. things.
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they are ridiculous. >> i think they are pretty
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heavy. here is the question. >> it's people arguing over language. >> criticizing catholics and needy latinos and that stuff. let's get down to 70% of americans want change. they don't like the direction that this country is going. so what does hillary clinton need to do on wednesday night to convince people that she is the agent of change? >> i think she has to do what she is doing which is to just keep talking about the issues and let donald trump go into the debate and make a decision about what he is going to do. >> now they are telling me they have boris. >> here i am. go. what does donald trump need to do at the debate on wednesday night? >> he is going to keep continuing to bring the message to the people on the economy, on national security, on the fact that hillary clinton is a fraud, a cheat and a liar. you look at the wiki leaks information it's obvious she
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supports tpp. she will lie to the american people about that. look outside of wiki leaks. look at information that came out. the fact that somebody from the state department offered the fbi to declassify information to save hillary clinton. all of this is illegal. >> stop. >> i think if donald trump goes -- >> i want to ask you about this. wiki leaks. they said if you take care of this we will give you extra fbi position. if you declassify this and so hillary doesn't look so bad, as an american doesn't that bother you? >> we don't know if these things are real or not. >> that is not the wiki leaks. >> you don't have to let me off the hook. you don't have to let me off the hook. if donald trump goes into this debate --
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>> the question, stop. the question is very simple. it's freedom of information that we found out that the fbi was offered by the state department positions in other parts of the world if they declassify something so hillary wouldn't look bad. >> that is your take on it. that is not what is going on there. >> that is exactly what happened. >> there is an argument that classification changes constantly and you know that. >> democrat talking point. >> we'll let the public decide that. boris, you didn't have as much time, do you think that donald should stay off the women wednesday night? >> i think he will be staying on the message. it is not about the women and about these false accusations being thrown at him by the worried and paranoid clinton campaign. it is obvious the reason they
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made up the stories and thrown these accusations at him which are completely false because they are nervous. >> i have to wrap. where is the enthusiasm with you or with hillary? >> 100%. >> all the polling says that trump's enthusiasm is dimini diminishi diminishing. >> thanks so much. we are out of time. my favorite democrat who is voting for trump is on deck. don't go away.
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the count down is on to the final presidential debate of this explosive campaign season. can the millennials and those who say they won't vote possibly be swayed this wednesday night? let's ask democratic strategist and donald trump supporter harlen hill. what is it going to take to get the millennials out on election day and will the debate on wednesday make a difference? >> we want to hear a focus on the issues. what we have gotten over the last four weeks has been just more slinging around in the mud.
12:41 am
if i hear another reference to some accuser or either side i will lose my mind. the middle east is falling apart. our economy is on the brink growing at 1%. there is zero discussion in the mainstream media on these issues. even on serious issues of candidate's character like wiki leaks. it is frustrating as a millennial i am optimistic that we can fix it but no sense of urgency. >> you know, i think the american people are fed up, as well, but it'sidates are doing other and there is no question in the history of american politics there has never been two candidates less liked than these two. and my question is, is this voter fatigue? is it something that causes the electorate to not come out at all or to come out and, you know, with even more energy?
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what does it cause them to do? >> there are two things at play here. hillary clinton is trying to run out the clock. she is trying to drive down voter turnout as low as she can. we know that when elections go negative voter turnout also falls. so it's a two prong strategy. i think she will be successful on driving on both fronts. donald trump has to combat it. when you look at polling he beats her on isis and economy and immigration. people want to hear about the issue. donald trump needs to look right into the camera and needs to say if you want more illegal immigration vote for hillary clinton. if you want to let the threat of isis metastasize vote for hillary clinton. if you want more stagnant economic growth vote for hillary clinton. if he doesn't translate that message to the debate he will miss his window of opportunity. this debate is his last stand. >> do you think he is disciplined enough to do that?
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>> luckily after the last debate there is a glimpse of hope. he took on hillary clinton in a way that i think that a lot of people have wanted to for decades. he had the guts to face her and stare her down and call her out on her illegal activities and her lies. i think that he, if he can combine the guts with the promise of discipline i think that he can have a good night. i'm hopeful. >> your generation is the social media generation. they understand social media and the e-mails and everything that is going on in technology better than anyone. and with wiki leaks and all of the disclosures that we have been hearing about that have been somewhat submerged based on all of these sexual allegations against donald trump, you would think that the millennials would kind of have an ear to those
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complaints and all of the allegations now against hillary clinton and would be more in tune to the complaints of the fbi being told we will give your people -- and hillary calling latino and the catholics backwards and all of the other stuff that we are hearing about that they would be in tune with that. do you think that they are? >> unfortunately, i don't think most people my age are paying attention to this. i think they tuned it out and that has been deliberate in part. hillary clinton couldn't carry millennials in the democratic primary. they supported bernie sanders or elected to stay home. she knew she couldn't win that demographic so she tried to sir press us in terms of turnout. i think that a lot of millennials would be paying attention to the wiki leaks.
12:45 am
but unfortunately i talked to a lot of my friends and they haven't heard about this frankly. >> all right. we'll see what happens. thanks so much for being with us. >> thank you. and i asked catholics about the wiki leaks e-mails at st. patrick's cathedral. and next pastor and donald trump supporter mark burns joins me live. pi
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. three nights until the debate here in las vegas and the evangelical vote looms large. with me co founder and ceo of the now television network pastor mark burns. thanks for being with us. as you well know the evangelical vote is a very big issue in this upcoming election. and with all of the allegations against donald trump that have been dumped on him in the last couple of weeks do you think it has changed anything or any of those evangelical numbers? >> the first thing we need to understand, thank you for having me. concerning comments of 11 years ago we need to understand as people of faith we're not voting
12:50 am
for donald trump's past flaws but we are voting for his present policies. either as a christian and person of faith the word of god works for all of us including donald trump or it works for none of us. it is so important as those of us of faith we need to understand especially with wiki leaks by her anticatholic, antireligious, just antipeople of faith comment that had been leaked out only the tip of the iceberg we as people of faith need to make sure that we are getting past donald trump's personalities or donald trump's past and focus on the policies that he stands for. >> you know, what is amazing is the evangelical vote has been consistent for donald trump and anti-hillary clinton. what about the black churches? isn't that normally a democratic
12:51 am
electorate? >> it is but it is -- my heart hurts to the very verbal and open, many of the african-american ministers and pastors and bishops across this country it saddens me to see how so many leaders who have been voting democrat for over the last 50 years but even now there are more issues at stake. too many of my black brothers and sisters who are of the cloth are voting their race and not their faith. it is so important that we need to lead our people to vote your faith and not your race which is why my faith vote is so important. my faith vote that right now we need to get past the issues that the media has been plaguing on. it is amazing how the media is
12:52 am
putting so much attention on donald trump. >> wiki leaks and i don't mean to interrupt but wiki leaks has released something that indicates that the clinton camp is anti-catholic, talking about the fact that making fun of people who baptize their children where john the baptist baptized jesus. where do you think this is coming from in the clinton camp? >> these anti-catholic, antireligious remarks are proof to why every person of faith that is watching this broadcast, every person of faith needs to vote for donald trump to become the next president of the united states. that is just the tip of the iceberg. >> thank you. thank you pastor. street justice is next. if you have a typical airline credit card, you only earn double miles when you buy stuff from that airline. this where you typically shop?
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one of the e-mails in this week's wiki leaks release was a chain involving hillary clinton's communications director and his democratic operatives insulting catholics in their severely backwards gender relations. i wanted to know what other catholics thought about it so i headed to new york's st. patrick's cathedral. >> i got a question to ask you.
12:57 am
what do you think of the communications director and the adviser to hillary clinton critical of catholics? >> that has been brought up by my fellow catholics. they are very unhappy with her attitude. >> i am catholic and i'm a woman. i will say that i'm not a fan of donald trump at all. i wouldn't vote for hillary, as well. >> if it is true would that maybe change your mind? >> no, it wouldn't because donald would even be the worse decision for me. >> now you want pictures. i want to talk to you. are you worried that she is not going to protect catholicism is she gets in? >> i'm not confident with hillary on anything. we have 35 years history of the clinton machine. power and corruption. power at any cost. i think she is against most americans and wants to strip everybody's privileges and
12:58 am
rights including religious people. >> you have obviously watched my show. i can't go on the steps. this is probably the best place i have been thrown out of. if she were to become the president are you confident that she would protect your first amendment religious freedom? >> yes, i am. she won't be acting totally alone. we have checks and balances that will restrain any wrong doing. >> are you worried that if she becomes president that she is not going to protect your religious freedom based upon this hidden communication? >> i don't think she can stop us because we have freedom, free country and we choose to do what we want to do in america as religion. and i was born as a muslim and i choose to come out and be christian. >> i went to catholic school. the nuns and those rulers. >> having said that, though, i would say that the policies that
12:59 am
the republican party and in this case mr. trump are support rg policies that i think are very important. >> freedom of religion needs to be protected as much as freedom of speech? >> absolutely. >> for someone to criticize suggests it might not be. >> possibly. >> thank you. all right. don't ride the line on election night. >> what do you want to say in closing? >> vote for trump. history right here in las vegas this week as the fox news anchor moderates a general election presidential debate for the first time. join chris wallace as he moderates this wednesday night. of course, best place to watch the first fox moderated debate is here on the fox news channel. that's it for us tonight live from las vegas. thanks so much for watching. see you next week.
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well. right now, bret baier. with three days left -- until the candidates' final high-stakes debate, the republican nominee insists he is playing against the house. >> it is a rigged system and they take these lies and they put them on front pages. this is a rigged system, folks. >> donald trump doubling down against allegations of sexual misconduct with his vice president nominee playing the same hand. >> the timing of the unsubstantiated claims that have come forward all of which donald trump has categorically denied is deeply troubling. >> with the democratic nominee, the hits keep coming. new revelations from wikileaks e-mails and her campaign attacking the russia connection. >> it sounds l


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